Prepare for Your Session

How to Prepare

What do I wear?

Draped vs clothed

Intake form – coming soon

Directions and Parking

How do I get there?


  • Idyllwild Office
  • SF Office
  • Travel Sessions
  • Directions, Parking instructions


Forms of payment accepted – can pay at time of booking or at time of session.


Insurance, HSA, injury/accident lawsuits. Provide payment receipts and medical notes as needed. Call to discuss accommodations.

Special Needs and Accommodations

COVID – needs to link to a separate

SF is handicap accessible, Idyllwild office is not, has a flight of stairs

  • Not handicap accessible. I do work with the handicapped, or temporarily immobile from an injury or surgery. Call to discuss accommodations. Can do travel sessions as needed, and some work can be done remotely.

Dog-friendly (water, dog bed)

LMK if you need aired out for allergies (have essential oils and incense in the room)


Massage oil – use Jojoba, I have never had a client who’s allergic to it, but if you have any concerns let me know, I also have coconut oil and hypoallergenic, organic Biotone lotion.

During the Session

What tools will you use?

Does it hurt?

  • pain, different kinds of pain

Can I come in if I had a recent injury (sprained my ankle)


How soon should i come in after a surgery?

After the Session

Integration is different depending on your body, and what type of work we do.

Deep tissue work

Structural integration work

Energy work


Organ resets


Setting boundaries around integration

Ongoing Work

People come to me for:

  • Trauma
  • Physical injury
  • Chronic illness
  • Major life goal

There are 4 phases of becoming:

  • Triage, foundations, growth, aging gracefully
  • Most people come in for triage. Some keep going. Your path is yours, we figure out what role(s) my work fits, and other resources to help support it. It’s about your path, not just our services.
  • 5 levels of pain/dysfunction/urgency
    • Hurts to exist
    • Ok if I do anything, Hurts to do anything
    • Ok day to day, but can’t do everything that matters to me
    • Can do things but moving slower than I want
    • In flow, satisfied, full
  • We measure progress through those 5 phases. Being able to do more, more easily, with less pain.

Process of Transformation

  • Foundational Change
    • Cleansing/release
    • Installing new
    • Re-blueprinting
  • Integration
    • Release
    • Physical adjustment
    • Exercises and behavior change
  • Each has different effects


  • How many sessions does it usually take?
  • What do we actually physically do during a session?
  • Aftercare – different levels of integration and disruption. Make sure to lmk what you need and any constraints.


How do I integrate PATh with my other healing work (exercise, diet, chiropractic, PT, surgery)