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is Only the Beginning

Life is too short to give it anything less than your all.

Illness or injury can knock you off track, take time and focus away from what you love, sidetrack your career, living in pain.

Getting life back on track with a life-changing health challenge isn’t easy. But with the right help, you can have your life back.

my story

Embarking on my career as a personal trainer and massage therapist, I was stumped by a persistent problem: some clients healed, while others, following the same regimen, did not. They’d use tools like Chiropractic, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Physical Therapy, and other medical or holistic training.

But many of them were developed by or passed down through brilliant yet little-known masters, with no way to serve people beyond those they touch with their own hands. 

I’ve made it my mission to collect and organize a set of tools, to understand much more clearly what you need, and when you need it. And reverse-engineer many things from the holistic world to make sense through the lens of medical science, so we can have a clear, dependable, and universal way to talk about and use these tools effectively.



Back To Life

Optimal wellness requires a big-picture perspective, natural methods, and a strong grounding in medical science.

1 Assessment

  1. Treatment Planning
  2. Your team, including your homework and support from family & friends
  3. Life re-planning

2 Outcomes

  1. You get better and return to your life fully.
  2. You improve your condition to make it manageable, and return to a full quality of life, with some modifications. (even this can seem impossible)
  3. Symptom mitigation, recognize your limitations, re-plan your life to optimize the rest of your life to fulfill what matters.


Athletic Bodywork

Enhance strength, speed, flexibility, and agility. Improve recovery time, decrease frequency and severity of injury. Recover from old injuries to get back to your best.

Injury Work

Reduce pain and improve healing time of acute injuries. Restore smooth, pain-free movement, even years after a chronic injury.

Graceful Aging

Joints, chemistry, mindset, fear of injury leads to diminished ability.

Emotional Healing & Trauma

Deep transformation (medicine like container)
Childhood trauma
Family dynamics
Energy healing

Chronic Mystery Symptoms

Hardwood floors throughout, modern kitchen, gas heat, tons of closet space and recently remodeled bathroom and kitchen.

Deep Relaxation and Healing

Just need to unwind and recover from a long workout? Stay at the top of your game by staying relaxed and in flow.

Surgery Prep, Recovery, and Alternatives

Surgery preparation helps realign tissue to support the success of the surgery. Surgery recovery helps reduce inflammation, support tissues healing in the right place, reduce scan tissue in muscles and connective tissue, turnnerves/muscles back on, and restore healthy, balanced movement. Considering a surgery, but looking at other options? If your surgery is non- emergency, consider trying non-invasive treatment methods as a first resort.

Create What Matters Most

Life planning?
Lifestyle by design

More than life coaching, it’s getting in touch with what’s most important to you, strategic planning, life design, body and mind realignment, building your team, and support.

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