SF Office Parking & Transit

San Francisco Office – SF Acupuncture Group

Our SF Office is inside of The Mills Building, in the Financial District.

220 Bush Street, Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94122

Use the Bush St entrance and elevator between Montgomery & Sansome.

Check in with security at the front desk to let them know you’re here to see Brenda in 450, and they will let you up to the 4th floor. On weekends the desk is not always staffed, but as you face the desk to your left is the security office, which is staffed 24/7.

New clients: please make sure to leave extra time before your first session to locate parking and find the office. It’s a large building, we’re in Suite 450.

Masks are optional in my treatment room, as well as in the practice waiting room.
There may be other people in the waiting room at the same time as you, without masks. If you’re high risk or prefer to remain cautious, you may want to choose to bring one for yourself.


The Metro Montgomery Station is the closest BART stop, about a 5 minute walk away from the new office. You can exit at Sutter or Sansome Street.

Please visit the BART Trip Planner to plan your trip.

Bikeshares are available throughout the city. San Francisco has implemented stationless bikeshares, so they may be available nearer to you than the closest actual bike station. You can visit the SFMTA bikeshare page for info, or the Bay Wheels page to find a bike.


  • On weekdays, the Sutter-Stockton Garage at 444 Stockton is likely to be your best bet at $5/hr 9am-6pm ($4/hr 6pm-9am). Open 24/7 and notable for its high capacity – you are very likely to be able to find a spot here – this garage is 0.3 miles from the office, about a 7 minute walk.
  • St Mary’s Square Garage at 433 Kearny Street is the best choice for evenings and weekends, and a good choice for weekdays outside of 12-3pm. They are open 24/7, but are only accessible via the California St entrance on weekends. Their rates vary from $3-7/hr based on time, and on weekends they charge $3/hr with a max rate of $6 for up to 12 hours. This garage is 0.3 miles from the office, about a 5 minute walk.
  • For weekends and evenings, 555 California Street Garage is also a good choice. Open until midnight, they charge a flat rate of $12 after 5pm and on weekends. At all other times they charge $4/15 minutes. This garage is 0.2 miles from the office, about a 4 minute walk.
  • During the day, 343 Sansome St Garage is a viable option at $14 for 1-4 hours, but closes at 7pm. This is the best price available for more than 2 hours 12-6pm on weekdays. This garage is 0.2 miles from the office, about a 5 minute walk.
  • For the lowest prices available closer to the office, The Shell Building Garage at 100 Bush St charges $3.50/15 minutes, with a cap at $32 for 12 hours. It closes at 8pm, and does not allow SUVs. This garage is 0.1 miles from the office, about a 2 minute walk.
  • For the closest possible parking, The Mills Building Garage is onsite. It is open until 7:00pm, and costs $4/15 minutes, with a max of $37.
  • Street parking is available throughout the area, but as always is subject to availability. Please consult this link for a map of available metered parking.
  • You can also check SFMTA’s Demand Responsive Parking Pricing map for local street parking and garages.


Judah St has a number of Muni stops. The closest to our previous location at Judah St Clinic is at Judah and 46th.

From there to the new office, you can take the N line. It’ll be about a 46 minute trip including a 5 minute walk, getting off at Metro Montgomery Station and exiting at Sansome Street. It should cost about $3.

If you opt to bike, you can take SF Bike Route #20, through Golden Gate Park, or #40, via Kirkham St. Both are just over 7 miles and just under 50 minutes. Bay Wheels has electric bikes available that may make the trip easier.


While we did our best to find accurate information for you, please note that the information above may not accurately reflect any updated hours, pricing, or policies. Please make sure to do your own homework, and review the hours, pricing, and policies for your chosen parking or transit. These suggestions are provided for your convenience, and we cannot be responsible for any unexpected expenses that may occur.

If you do discover that something has changed from what we have listed here, or find better transit or parking options in the area, please let us know so we can update this information. Thanks!